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Health Insurance Awareness Day Event is on February 7th at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

headshot andiAn upcoming event at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce should be of special interest to local employees, employers, college students, and seniors with concerns about health insurance. Various aspects of health insurance to be discussed include the growing number of issues for the uninsured, those presently insured under the Affordable Care Act, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and Medicare supplements.

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AC-T put too much emphasis on view of Navigators

Article after article and one editorial after another were from the point of view of the Navigators … the community organizers of the health insurance world.

I object to the manner our paper has reported on the Affordable Care Act’s (Obamacare) enrollment process. This is not about the problems of the exchange or the overinflated numbers, I am referring to the non-profit community based firms doing the enrollment.

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Advice For An Insurance Broker

My associate and I were speaking the other day about how much we enjoy the marketing and sales of disability insurance.  Quite honestly, we were also focusing on the income stream that disability insurance provides to our agencies.  Even with the time value of money, our earnings are higher over a 10-year span than with any other product.  It is wonderful to get all of that up front money from the life sale, but where are the renewals we were promised when we first entered the business.

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Life and Health Insurance agents, Insurance Company and Services

An Insurance Agents’ Duty is Service

I am proud to be a member of the life and health insurance profession. It is not just a job or sales career; it is a profession akin to an attorney or accountant.  There is no other professional in when someone dies or is disabled who walks in with money. Not to mention, who can assist retirees who need retirement income they will not outlive. All of these issues are addressed vis-à-vis the purchase of insurance.

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